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So, What's Cloud by IX Actually Like?

  • easy-to-use


    We all know it: "easy-to-use" doesn't mean much these days, and it definitely can't be trusted when it's said
    about Cloud. So what do we mean? Cloud by IX is designed around goals, not technical terms.

    Tell it what you want to do, and it'll setup everything in a customized Cloud, tailored to your business.
    Cloud hosting doesn't get any simpler than this.

  • instant-deployment

    Instant Deployment

    Tell us your goals, and we'll build your custom cloud around them in as little as 50 seconds.
    Already have an existing site? We'll take care of all the migration for you, too.

  • billing-options

    Billing Options

    You pay when you want, how you want. You can pay-as-you-go, by monthly estimate,
    charge bi-monthly... whatever works for you works for us.

    Made the wrong choice? No problem - switch your payment plan any time.

  • ip-management

    IP Management

    Zero Headache IP Administration: Add dedicated IP addresses, remove them,
    and get more when you need them, in real-time.

    Perfect for resellers, SEO rankings for your websites, and more, our ridiculously simple
    dashboard let's you do it in one click. No red tape, and no runaround.

  • storage


    Your storage is scalable, durable, and enterprise/government-grade. With Cloud by IX, your data won't be housed on some cheap, flimsy SSDs. We have multiple-layer storages along with original, manufacturer-made drives. And plenty of them. If you need more, it can scale up automatically.

    Our dream is that you never have to think about features or resources - only your business' results.

  • scalable


    We're not using "scalable" the same way other hosts do. It's a term that has come to mean "spend more."

    To us, it means growth. And as your business grows, your Cloud by IX automatically accommodates it.

    Storage, bandwidth, CPU cores, memory... and most importantly, the attention you get from our crew for your more advanced needs. We grow with you so that everything keeps running swimmingly.

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Why Cloud by IX?

We're in the business of being Cloud Experts. You're in the business of
making sure your business grows.

It's our mission to help you achieve your goals without being a
distraction. No growing pains. No technical issues.

  • We're Fast.Deployment? Instant.
  • ServersEnterprise-level.
  • FiberBlazing fast. 10gbit/s for your cloud.
  • Data CenterWe own, operate, and manage it.
  • Support ServicePhone, email, chat, and ticket
  • 99.99%Uptime Guarantee

What Our Customers Say

We began our hosting obsession humbly in a midwestern living room. Since then, we have grown
much larger, much smarter, and are able to serve many more happy customers.

  • Teresa Mew

    Teresa Mew

    Cloud by IX Customer

    We can increase our resources as needed, instantaneously. Our customers also have access to the most current version of their products immediately.

  • Karen May

    Karen May

    Cloud by IX Customer

    Our old web hosting company didn't have back-up capabilities and they lost all of our data. With the Cloud, we don't have to worry about hardware failures, which is great.

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