It's Like A Genie That Grants You Infinite Wishes

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  • Simplicity

    Not everyone has time to earn a master's degree in computer science, or the money to hire a Cloud engineer. That's why we made our user interface insanely easy to use.

  • IP Management

    Add dedicated IP addresses, remove them, and get more when you need them, in real-time. Perfect for resellers and SEO rankings for your websites, our ridiculously simple dashboard let's you do it in one click. No red tape, and no runaround.

  • Software for Everything

    Do whatever you want on Cloud by IX. Websites and blogs? Check. Shopping cart? Check. CRM and helpdesk system for your customers? Check. Storage for files? Disaster recovery? Accounting software? You guessed it, check. Tons of templates and configurations you can use to mix and match to create your perfect Cloud.

  • "Genie" Uptime

    Don't waste one of your wishes on hoping for uptime. It comes standard with Cloud by IX, and no matter what happens, your Cloud will be up and running. Redundant power, diesel generators, UPS systems, and n+1 fault-tolerant infrastructure… that's the stuff Cloud by IX is made of.

  • X-Ray Cloud Statistics

    Does manually creating statistics about your site and Cloud's success sound like fun? Because it's not. It's a huge pain in the ass. So we automated all of your Cloud statistics in a neat little way you can view in real-time on your dashboard. You'll know everything you need to about your Cloud's performance and resources.

Even More Features You'll Love

Parallels Platinum Partnership

The top-level partnerships we established means one thing to you: the best software hands-down, at the lowest price available anywhere. Where else do you get your software at unheard of discounts that are only accessible to large hosting companies?

Microsoft Service Provider Partner

Access to the Microsoft products directly from the source. No more paying hundreds of dollars for Office.

Always get the newest version of Outlook, Office Suite, and MSSQL Server for one low monthly fee e.g. Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2012). That's like getting the newest iPhone as soon as it comes out, for free.

cPanel® Partnership

Any Cloud host worth their salt has a cPanel® partnership, and we're no different. cPanel® is the heavyweight champion of control panels.

Our partnership gets you their control panel at super steep discounts, and along with our qualified cPanel® Cloud experts, you'll have the perfect cPanel® backbone for managing your sites.

VMware, powered by vSphere 5.x

This is Cloud by IX's architecture backbone. VMWare is like having the 800lb gorilla of virtualization in your camp. In other words, your sites will always be available and load up lightning fast.

Badass Support

When things go wrong, we fix them. Period. Call or chat with us at any hour of the day if you have a problem. We'll take care of it.

Perfect Migration

Most Clouds dump all of your data on their servers and expect you to sort it all out by yourself. That's stupid. So, when you move to Cloud by IX, our Cloud migration specialists will make sure every detail of your site and account is exactly the way it you need it to be.

Cloud by IX Advantages

Infinite Genie Hardware

Don't ever worry about outgrowing your Cloud.

With Cloud by IX, add storage, RAM, and computing power whenever you need. It's built for growing businesses, so bring it on!

Malware Scanning

Hackers, malware, and other Internet nasties can really mess up your account.

That's why our kick-ass Cloud experts constantly monitor your Cloud for malicious traffic and other suspicious activity, making sure your website, data, and everything else stays clean and healthy. It's like a vaccination for your business from digital

Billing Options

No more feeling like you're forced into one way of being billed.

With Cloud by IX, we don't assume that everyone has the same financial capabilities. That's why we offer two types of billing, so you can pay us however you'd like.

Mi casa es su casa

We own our data center.

It's really ours. No co-location, no outsourcing. When you host on Cloud by IX, know that we don't depend on ANYBODY ELSE to run it.

Our Cloud Experts are only accountable to you, and we'll take care of everything.

What Our Customers Say

We began our hosting obsession humbly in a midwestern living room. Since then, we have grown
much larger, much smarter, and are able to serve many more happy customers.

  • Teresa Mew

    Teresa Mew

    Cloud by IX Customer

    We can increase our resources as needed, instantaneously. Our customers also have access to the most current version of their products immediately.

  • Karen May

    Karen May

    Cloud by IX Customer

    Our old web hosting company didn't have back-up capabilities and they lost all of our data. With the Cloud, we don't have to worry about hardware failures, which is great.

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