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If you're here, you probably have some questions. Or, maybe you just want more details on our Cloud by IX product.

The good news is, we've collected and organized all the information you need to know, and it's ready and waiting for you just to the left of this paragraph. Just click on the category your question pertains to, and off you go!

If you're just looking for some general information about Cloud by IX, here are some of the basics:

Who is Cloud by IX for?

We built Cloud by IX for system and database administrators, developers, resellers, hosting professionals, web architects, designers, and business infrastructure. An entire business can literally be operated within a single Cloud by IX product.

Cloud by IX can be used for a wide variety of projects, but some of our most common uses are:

  • Hosting revenue-generating websites
  • Providing IT resources for small businesses
  • Serving as a demo environment for software developers
  • Acting as a business platform for resellers and web designers

Basically, if you need speed, power, reliability, and flexible resources, you need Cloud by IX.

What is Cloud Hosting?

'The Cloud' is a buzzword that's being used a lot these days, but not too many people really understand what it is. To boil it down, a Cloud is a bunch of computers and servers working in unison to create a pool of resources (processing power, RAM, storage, etc). Cloud hosting simply applies this concept to web hosting. So, rather than being hosted on a single machine, a website using Cloud hosting is running on the resources from a collection of machines.

One of the advantages of Cloud hosting is that your data is redundantly spread out across multiple storage disks in an array. This means that, rather than one hard drive failing, several storage disks within the array would have to fail simultaneously for any data to be lost.

In addition to the storage advantages, you also have a dedicated amount of computing resources at your disposal. These resources can be quickly expanded when Cyber Monday comes along, and your website receives a massive amount of traffic.

What makes Cloud by IX different than the competition?

In a word? Support.

Getting server support at most Cloud hosts can feel like a deep space mission to another planet. That's why we've got 24/7 support to assist you and point you in the right direction. A one minute conversation with one of our super advanced support representatives, and you'll understand the difference between Cloud by IX and other cloud service providers. They'd be delighted to discuss the migration of your data, support for your business's email, or even assist you with the configuration of your servers.

We want our customers to test our easy to use interfaces, view server statistics in a quick glance, and create servers that are unique to their business needs. We won't go into all the technical details here, but they can easily be found within the support section to the left.